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About Us

Meet the family behind Gloss Boss Mobile Detailing and Tinting

Gloss Boss Mobile Detailing and Tinting is a family run business. The owner, and head of window tinting is Paola Malinovic.

Paola is a wife and also a soccer mom to two kids and one husky. Paola doesn't get much spare time between tinting windows (for both auto and residential customers), and running the day to day operations of Gloss Boss. When she does have some down time, her favorite thing to do is drink a local red wine from Lodi, CA and watch movies with her family. Paola got into the auto industry because of a love for cars that she's had as a child, which came from her extremely passionate father. 

Hector Cano is a loving husband and the proud father of Paola. After spending most of his adult life bouncing around between the food industry and the automobile industry, Hector made the decision that he wanted to spend more time with his family, and he approached Paola with the idea of opening their own business together. They decided they wanted to pursue mobile detailing and tinting because it was an opportunity to continually put smiles on customers faces by keeping their cars looking great, or helping to revive older models to look like the best forms of themselves. When he is not detailing vehicles, Hector is an above-average chef who loves getting creative in the kitchen. If you hire him to detail your car, make sure you ask him for a batch of his "CANOvore" salsa. 

Cleaning with Soap

Paola Malinovic

President, Head of Tint Application


Hector Cano

Head of Detailing

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Father-Daughter Team

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